Bug #27372 agent shows: job_collect_mysql.c.361: executing the regex for .. (78) failed: -1
Submitted: 22 Mar 2007 13:38 Modified: 22 May 2009 8:26
Reporter: Carsten Segieth Email Updates:
Status: Closed Impact on me:
Category:MySQL Enterprise Monitor: Agent Severity:S3 (Non-critical)
Version:, OS:Windows (Windows 2003)
Assigned to: Jan Kneschke CPU Architecture:Any
Tags: mem_20_maint, mer 111, mer 120

[22 Mar 2007 13:38] Carsten Segieth
Agent log shows tons of messages like

2007-03-22 14:16:00: (critical) c:\cygwin\home\mysqldev\merlin\src\mysql-service-agent-\agent\src\job_collect_mysql.c.361: executing the regex for innodb pattern "\d+.\d* inserts\/s, \d+.\d* updates\/s, \d+.\d* deletes\/s, (\d+.\d*) reads\/s" (78) failed: -1

How to repeat:
- note sure I'm able to repeat it
- agent running since > 2 weeks against a Merlin (net-qa2)
- since yesterday (when I used the Graphs page) these messages occur in the log
[26 Mar 2007 23:55] Bill Weber
I am seeing this as well. Note - I have set the purge for logs and data to 1 week, and the time when these entries started coincides with the time the dashboard was started (different date).
[13 Apr 2007 19:34] Rob Morris
I was getting the same errors too on only one of my servers and my innodb buffer pool graph was blank.  They stopped right after I issued a "show innodb status" on that server.
[21 May 2007 17:17] Jan Kneschke
fixed in [5646].

SHOW INNODB STATUS might contain too many deadlocks, lock-records, transactions at the top of the output. As the whole output is limited to 64kb.
[13 Jul 2007 22:56] Carsten Segieth
Still happens with, but *only* against a 4.0.30 server. Same check with a mysqld version 4.1, 5.0, 5.1 and 6.0 didn't show the message in the log. From this I reduced the S/P setting.

2007-07-13 17:25:09: (message) mysql-query: SHOW /*!40100 ENGINE */ INNODB STATUS
2007-07-13 17:25:09: (critical) agent/src/job_collect_mysql.c.1145: executing the regex for innodb pattern "History list length (\d+)" (25) failed: -1
2007-07-13 17:25:09: (message) mysql::innodbstatus->innodb_bp_modified_pages = 0

full log is available in qauser@net-qa1:/nfstmp1/merlin/agent/
[8 Aug 2007 16:15] Jan Kneschke
fix committed in [6970] to trunk/
[13 Aug 2007 22:12] Sloan Childers
r6970 trunk
[10 Sep 2007 17:29] Peter Lavin
Added to the changelog for version 1.2.
[20 Sep 2007 21:54] Chris Calender
Re-opening this bug.

This is repeatable using the latest beta version, with 5.0.x.

However, what I have found it that it is related to bug 19825:


This is a bug where some of the SHOW INNODB STATUS is truncated.  So, until bug 19825 gets fixed, this one is not truly fixed.
[27 Feb 2009 17:33] Gary Whizin
Per Leith: 

(1) for 2.0 maint release, lower the log level (make it a warning)
(2) then regard this as a feature request to read innodb status from status file if available
[2 Mar 2009 23:16] Jan Kneschke
committed and push into trunk and rel-2.0:

revno: 1215
committer: jan@mysql.com
branch nick: trunk
timestamp: Tue 2009-03-03 00:13:44 +0100
  hide PCRE_ERROR_MATCH in case we have SHOW INNODB STATUS-buffers of 60k or more (fixes #27372)

revno: 1224
committer: jan@mysql.com
branch nick: rel-2.0
timestamp: Tue 2009-03-03 00:16:21 +0100
  hide PCRE_ERROR_MATCH in case we have SHOW INNODB STATUS-buffers of 60k or more (fixes #27372)
[4 Mar 2009 17:08] Keith Russell
Patch installed in versions =>
[4 Mar 2009 17:09] Keith Russell
Changed status by mistake. 7150 was only a server build.
[5 Mar 2009 2:13] Keith Russell
Patch installed in versions =>
[23 Mar 2009 9:28] Carsten Segieth
tested OK with
[22 May 2009 8:26] Tony Bedford
An entry has been added to the 2.0.5 changelog:

Multiple errors showed in the agent log after issuing a SHOW INNODB STATUS statement. The InnoDB Buffer Pool graph also went blank.