Bug #2590 Making MAXDB TOOLS on aix
Submitted: 30 Jan 2004 14:50 Modified: 11 Feb 2004 2:15
Reporter: k j gerhart Email Updates:
Status: Closed Impact on me:
Category:MaxDB Severity:S2 (Serious)
Version:tools 244782 OS:IBM AIX (aix 5.2)
Assigned to: Bugs System CPU Architecture:Any

[30 Jan 2004 14:50] k j gerhart
Error occurs during make all. Configure had to errors. Would be VERY had to use you compiled binaries but I need 32bit compatilibity.
     cut -f1 -d'|' | cut -c2- | sort -u > libsqlptc.exp ; \
   ld -o libsqlptc.o sql__1r.o sql__atan.o sql__ca.o sql__caseerr.o sql__catcha
e.o sql__ckl.o sql__clock.o sql__close.o sql__closea.o sql__closep.o sql__compar
e.o sql__cos.o sql__date.o sql__del.o sql__dfn.o sql__dispse.o sql__endof.o sql_
_endol.o sql__env.o sql__er.o sql__erq.o sql__exit.o sql__exp.o sql__expp.o sql_
_fflush.o sql__flp.o sql__ger.o sql__get.o sql__gn.o sql__goto.o sql__gtl.o sql_
_ic.o sql__intr.o sql__lel.o sql__lexe.o sql__ln.o sql__lor.o sql__ltl.o sql__ma
x.o sql__multi.o sql__new.o sql__nil.o sql__nlf.o sql__nname.o sql__npa.o sql__n
re.o sql__pack.o sql__pcnst.o sql__peer.o sql__perrorp.o sql__pmain.o sql__pr.o
sql__pred.o sql__psetadd.o sql__psetco.o sql__psetge.o sql__psetgt.o sql__psetle
.o sql__psetlt.o sql__psetm.o sql__pstrcat.o sql__pstrcom.o sql__pstrcpy.o sql__
put.o sql__pvars.o sql__rd.o sql__readln.o sql__reset.o sql__rewrite.o sql__rgv.
o sql__round.o sql__scnst.o sql__setadd.o sql__setco.o sql__setmin.o sql__setran
g.o sql__setsub.o sql__sin.o sql__sqrt.o sql__srand.o sql__stopp.o sql__strlen.o
sql__succ.o sql__sync.o sql__time.o sql__trunc.o sql__ucmp.o sql__uncs.o sql__u
nget.o sql__unpack.o sql__ut.o sql__writeln.o Version.o -bE:libsqlptc.exp -bM:SR
E -lm -lc ; \
ld: 0711-327 WARNING: Entry point not found: __start
ld: 0711-244 ERROR: No csects or exported symbols have been saved.
gmake[3]: *** [libsqlptc.o] Error 8
has  library problems please advise.

How to repeat:
run ./configure --prefix=maxdb
make all
[2 Feb 2004 18:39] k j gerhart
Stopping evaluation progress,
[3 Feb 2004 5:13] michel verwey
Hello kj Gerhart,

Developers are looking into this. The output you sent was not
wonderfully self-evident, if you could get it any clearer,
that would be great.
You can find ready-compiled Binary Tools for AIX at the following 
location :


does that help you with your problem, at least in the short term ?
Please let me know.

[3 Feb 2004 10:22] k j gerhart
What can I provide that would help? Do you want the config.log? What? I noticed that were seems to be a lack of AIX machines for testing, if I can help I have a dev unit that we use just for what reason. Has xlC and gcc 3.3 compilers.

My real problem is I need the Maxdb odbc binary in a 32 bit format for AIX. The download is for only 64 bit.  I have to link it to a compiler that is only 32 bit.  Question--> Does this mean that the database has to be 32 bit too. Or can the database be a 64 bit version. If the database can stay 64 bit then I only need to compile the odbc source. But from what I understand the tools have to be installed first. Can the tools be 64 bit or must they be 32?

Has anyone used Maxdb via odbc from a cobol program? Do you have any examples of code I can see?
[5 Feb 2004 4:24] michel verwey
As I understand it there should be no problem mixing the 32 bit and 
64 versions, you should be able to work with a 64 bit database.

So all you need now is for the 32 bit ODBC driver to compile.