Bug #2073 Cannot Create Database with WinMySQLAdmin
Submitted: 10 Dec 2003 2:12 Modified: 12 Dec 2003 18:02
Reporter: Georg Scheidel Email Updates:
Status: Won't fix Impact on me:
Category:MySQLGUI Severity:S1 (Critical)
Version:Ver 1.4 OS:Windows (Windows)
Assigned to: CPU Architecture:Any

[10 Dec 2003 2:12] Georg Scheidel
The tab "Databases" is open.
Two databases are shown, "mysql" and "test".
I can select either, the tables for the "mysql" database can be shown by clicking on the database name.
Right-clicking in the database list window shows a menu containing only Flush commands: Flush Hosts, Flush Logs, Flush Tables, Flush Threads.
It is irrelevant if a database is selected or not.

According to the online help, the menu should contain:
Create Database, Drop Database, Flush Hosts, Flush Logs, Flush Tables.

There is no error message explaining why the "Create database" and "Drop database" menu items are missing.

How to repeat:
Start WinMySQLAdmin on Windows 2000.
Double click the host.
Click on the tab "Databases".
Double click the host name.
A list of the databases should appear.
Right click in the window containing the database list.

Suggested fix:
1. Show the full menu, including "Create Database" and "Drop Database", as documented in the online help file.
2. If for some reason the above commands should not work, display an error message, either as a message box or in a message field in the window ("Status", "Message" or alike), and gray the menu commands which are not available.
3. Provide an error log file, and the option to display it in a window as an additional tab. Provide a button for savin the log file as plain text. Include the content of the log file in the generated report (Tab: report, action: generate).
4. Document common errors in the online help file, including such cases:
- what to do if the "Create Database" menu is not available?
5. Allow the user to specify a user name and password when starting WinMySQLAdmin.
6. Provide a.s.a.p. an interim solution for creating a database and publish it as a note in the mailing lists, and on the MYSQL web site: FAQ.
[10 Dec 2003 7:45] MySQL Verification Team
This tool remains just only for start/stop the server and others
limited manager operations. That menu option was disabled when
MySQLCC was released with a more complete set of options for
to handle databases and tables, please use instead MySQLCC (available
in our web site).
[11 Dec 2003 1:20] Georg Scheidel
May I politely remind you that MySQLCC is only as a BETA version available?!
MySQLCC crashed two minutes ago om my computer, trying to connect to the server.

I find that it's not fair for the user to disable a feature in a product, as long as a stable version of a new product is NOT available.

I'm sorry to say it, such a policy is not the right way to raise to trust level of potential users.

The 'Yet another tool' instead of a single integrated tool is also a bad policy.


P.S. I found this spotty ;-)

"That menu option was disabled when MySQLCC was released with a more complete set of options for to handle databases and tables, please use instead MySQLCC (available in our web site)."
[12 Dec 2003 18:02] MySQL Verification Team
I respect your opinion however WinMySQLAdmin had that function
disabled when its code becomes deprecated. The MySQLCC issue
that you mentioned was already fixed and will be introduce in the
next release.
[17 Jun 2004 23:48] Harry Luiten
I agree on it, I expected the create and drop tools to appear. It cost me four days to find out what I did wrong, I even re-installed my computer because I used MS SQL Server first and thought things where mixed or whatever, I searched my head of on user privileges etc etc etc etc. One line of text would be so verry nice. I would download the cc thing now and hopes it will work.