Bug #19899 The partition test causes a crash of ndb.
Submitted: 18 May 2006 7:06 Modified: 23 Sep 2009 18:42
Reporter: Horst Hunger Email Updates:
Status: Closed Impact on me:
Category:MySQL Cluster: Cluster (NDB) storage engine Severity:S1 (Critical)
Version:5.2 OS:Linux (Linux 9.3)
Assigned to: Jonas Oreland CPU Architecture:Any

[18 May 2006 7:06] Horst Hunger
The test program "partition_basic_ndb.test" caused a crash:

partition_basic_ndb            [ fail ]

Errors are (from /data0/mysql/mysql-5.1-clone/mysql-test/var/log/mysqltest-time) :
mysqltest: In included file "./suite/partitions/include/partition_check_read.inc": At line 30: query 'SELECT COUNT(*) <> 1 INTO @aux FROM t1 WHERE f_int2 = 20' failed: 2013: Lost connection to MySQL server during query
(the last lines may be the most important ones)
Result from queries before failure can be found in /data0/mysql/mysql-5.1-clone/mysql-test/suite/partitions/r/partition_basic_ndb.log

Aborting: partition_basic_ndb failed in default mode. To continue, re-run with '--force'.
Ending Tests

The backtrace is attached.

How to repeat:
bk clone xxxxxx@bk-internal:/home/bk/mysql-test-extra-5.1 mysql-test-extra-5.1-clone

perl mysql-test-run.pl --suite=partitions partition_basic_ndb
[23 May 2006 15:52] Horst Hunger
Set bug to a lower priority, as partitioning with ndb has a lower priority.
Try to write a shorter test programto reproducethe error.
[24 May 2006 11:47] Horst Hunger
attached a small program to reproduce the error.
[15 Jun 2006 14:36] Mikael Ronström
This is caused by reception of a TRANSID_AI signal with incorrect attribute id.
Even if it is an unsupported feature the error behaviour it is a clear indicator there
is a general bug in the code.
[5 Jul 2006 14:50] Tomas Ulin
partitioning disabled for ndb in 5.1, keeping bug open for 5.2
[17 May 2009 11:54] Jonas Oreland
the testcase used a feature that was not supported by ndb,
but we lacked the check to prevent the table from being created,
and later crashed when it was accessed.

no docs needed
[23 Sep 2009 18:27] Alexander Nozdrin
partition_basic_ndb is disabled due to this bug (in 5.1 and mysql-trunk).

Re-opening the bug.

Either the test case should be enabled, or the bug should be open,
or a new bug should be reported and the parts/disabled.def should
be updated.
[23 Sep 2009 18:37] Jonas Oreland