Bug #16109 doubled words in 5.0.17 manual
Submitted: 30 Dec 2005 23:35 Modified: 5 Jan 2006 15:45
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Category:MySQL Server: Documentation Severity:S3 (Non-critical)
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Assigned to: Paul DuBois CPU Architecture:Any

[30 Dec 2005 23:35] [ name withheld ]
        Using Nelson Beebe's dw program
        I noticed a number of spuriously doubled words in the manual.
        The text here comes from the .info file in the distribution;
        sorry, I could not easily find the corresponding Texinfo source.

        In most cases one of the doubled words should be deleted but
        occasionally it seemed a different fix was called for.  Nothing
        very complicated.
documentation, which is called the MaxDB library and is is available at

bugfixes and and other fixes that must be done. By `somewhat frozen' we

such as 100.0 as 100.0. As of MySQL 5.0.3, the server clips clips

storage engine, `DISABLED' means the the server was compiled with

After executing this command, the the data directory contains a new

For better performance performance, you can specify the following

MySQL uses the average value group size in the the following ways:

servers.)  -tz-utc also also protects against changes due to

neither of which which may be null.

assigning values to to the column.

Tables created in MySQL 5.0.3 and above uses a a new storage format for

Note that if you use a value less than than 1 for LEN, the result

happens for the the second or subsequent row of a

architecture (AMD Opteron), it is important to to mount any

Support by `FEDERATED' for other database engines may be be added
* `[COMPUTER]': Defines the the cluster hosts.

The `Id' value (that is, the the data node identifier) can be allocated

The memory allocated by `DataMemory' is used to store both the the

required in order to to perform a node restart.

The UNDO index buffer buffer is used for the updates on the

to the disk. The backup data buffer buffer is used to fill in data

aware that that this node can no longer be used to restore

4. Once the the backup has been aborted, the management server will

of which can support a ring. It is necessary to make sure that that

(for example) each record containing a `VARCHAR(255)' column will
will require 256 bytes of storage for that column, regardless of

machine housing the affected node. You can verify the the cluster

* If you have questions or concerns about about the use of the

contain statements that read or write data. `NO SQL' indicates the the

`DEFINER' value is the the user who executes the `CREATE TRIGGER'

The default `DEFINER' value is the the user who executes the `CREATE

controlled by the sql_mode system variable. (See see *Note sql-mode::.)

* Revised table locking locking to allow proper assessment of view

directory, the master have have the database tables deleted,

with a different collation that that of its arguments. (Bug #10201

size of of all records in a single column was on the

*           For `MEMORY' tables, it was possible for for

clips clips 100.0 to the maximum allowable value of 99.9. If you

result result or a temporary table with an index for larger results.

contents seen each time the the statement is executed later will

How to repeat:
dw <mysql.info # and weed out ok doubles
[31 Dec 2005 1:12] MySQL Verification Team
Thank you for the bug report.
[5 Jan 2006 15:45] Paul DuBois
Thank you for your bug report. This issue has been addressed in the
documentation. The updated documentation will appear on our website
shortly, and will be included in the next release of the relevant