Bug #13450 Mac OS X Installer for 5.0.x is missing shared libraries
Submitted: 23 Sep 2005 18:52 Modified: 5 Sep 2007 19:38
Reporter: Paul Dlug Email Updates:
Status: Closed Impact on me:
Category:MySQL Server Severity:S1 (Critical)
Version:5.0.x OS:Mac OS X (Mac OS X)
Assigned to: Kent Boortz CPU Architecture:Any

[23 Sep 2005 18:52] Paul Dlug
The shared libraries (libmysqlclient.dylib, libmysqlclient.15.dylib, etc.) are missing from the installer package available for download, the only libraries installed are static libraries. This means anything depending on the shared libraries will break or refuse to install

How to repeat:
Install MySQL 5.0.x on Mac OS X.

Suggested fix:
Include shared libraries in the build.
[25 Sep 2005 15:16] Geert Vanderkelen
Verified and the dynamic libraries are indeed not included.
It is static only afaik.

Compiling from source is ofcourse a way to get them for now.
[20 May 2006 18:23] Richard Valk
Is this already solved ? I have some issues with static libraries on the Intel version.
[1 Jun 2006 3:25] Dimitry Gashinsky
Is there an alternative place to download just the dynamic client libraries?
[1 Jun 2006 6:20] Richard Valk
Please, please, please provide a shared library in your next release....
At least let us know when you are thinking of providing this to the Mac community.
[29 Jun 2006 20:42] David Wooten
I second that! This is pretty crucial to my work.
[10 Aug 2006 2:35] Paul Dlug
Any chance this is going to get resolved soon? It's just completely ridiculous that hasn't been resolved yet. The issue also affects all releases of 5.1 for Mac OS X. The only solution appears to be to just download the source, build it with client only, then copy the libraries in.

I'm bumping up the severity in the hopes that someone will take notice and fix this.
[10 Aug 2006 4:31] Richard Valk
I agree, this should be simple to resolve. Just change a parameter or two during the bild process. How hard can it be. Thanks for buming it up, I hope it will get noticed...

[13 Oct 2006 20:55] David Wooten
This should be a simple fix, as the folks above have mentioned. Help us out!
[14 Dec 2006 22:12] Paul Dlug
Again this is still broken in the latest release of 5.0.x and 5.1.x, why can't this be fixed? It should be so simple!
[27 Apr 2007 3:54] Paul DuBois
Noted in 5.0.40 changelog.

Binary distributions for Solaris and Mac OS X 
did not include shared libraries.

Resetting report to NDI: Does this fix need to
be/will this fix be propagated to 5.1.x?
[30 Apr 2007 12:36] Brad Rice
Please include the shared libraries in the Mac OS X version ob the package installer. It is a two step process to install MySQL whenever you want shared libraries and to be able to use with PHP or other apps.
[30 Apr 2007 14:49] Lennart Fridén
This is a real showstopper! Please rectify ASAP.
[29 May 2007 3:44] Andreas Fink
As a side note: please provide shared and static libraries always as universal binaries for ppc, ppc64, i386 and x86_64 so a user compiling a universal binary can link to universal binary library. If only the "current" architecture is installed, a universal binary application can not be created in one step.
[26 Jul 2007 15:10] Paul Dlug
I'm going to ping again on this, quite a number of us have asked for this feature and it's trivial to provide it. I really do not understand why this has not been done yet. It is a major barrier to those trying to run on Mac OS X.
[26 Jul 2007 17:27] Richard Valk
I'll second that, I still need to recompile which is quite a hassle...
[4 Sep 2007 10:05] Kent Boortz
Shard libraries are included from 5.0.40 and 5.1.20
[5 Sep 2007 19:38] Paul DuBois
Noted in 5.1.20 changelog.