Bug #13098 QB Query Edit textbox corrupt display in Terminal Services
Submitted: 9 Sep 2005 23:17 Modified: 13 Oct 2005 22:04
Reporter: Michael Crowl Email Updates:
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Category:MySQL Query Browser Severity:S3 (Non-critical)
Version:1.1.1 - 1.1.14 OS:Windows (Windows 2000 Server)
Assigned to: Bugs System CPU Architecture:Any

[9 Sep 2005 23:17] Michael Crowl
When viewing MySQL Query Browser through a Windows Terminal Services client, the "query edit" textbox is not displaying typed text.  Instead it is displaying paged graphics from the desktop, background, or other windows.

Clicking inside the query edit box and typing doesn't display anything.  Code generated by dragging tables onto the "SELECT/INSERT" interface doesn't display either.  

The text is actually being recorded, however, because typing "hello" blind into the box returns a MySQL Server error around "hello".  When a right-click attempt is made to Clear the box, it does "clear" it (sets the whole box back to white), but this doesn't actually fix anything.

This problem does not occur directly on the desktop or through VNC clients - just the Windows Terminal Services/Remote Desktop client.  However, it did not start happening until yesterday when I installed QB 1.1.14.  Previous versions have never had this problem.  Mysteriously, I decided to uninstall 1.1.14 and reinstalled 1.1.13 and then 1.1.1-gamma release, and both of these previous versions have this same problem now.  Nothing else was installed on this system the day I upgraded to 1.1.14.

None of the textboxes (single or multi-line) in MySQL Administrator, which I also just upgraded, have this problem.

How to repeat:
Install MySQL QB 1.1.14, then view through Terminal Services.

I have no idea if this bug is repeatable on other Windows 2000 Server machines, but I am ONLY having this problem with MySQL QB - no other applications are having display problems like this.

This bug is labelled as non-critical, but does actually make it difficult for web/db developers who remote desktop to Windows servers to work, and we are legion.

Suggested fix:
No ideas.

"Clear" does not fix the problem.
Unchecking "Store windows positions" changes nothing.
Reinstallation of previous versions does not remove the problem.
Changing display options of Terminal Services client changes nothing.
[9 Sep 2005 23:23] Michael Crowl
Additionally, I understand that this could very well be a problem with Terminal Services, but I have not experienced it before (honestly, VNC has always had more display bugs).  And both the client and server versions of Terminal Services I'm using did not change in the interim.
[13 Sep 2005 22:04] Jorge del Conde

I was unable to reproduce this problem.  Is there anything else you can tell us so that we can successfully reporduce it ?

[7 Oct 2005 17:10] B. Campbell
Perhaps a similar issue or the same one?
Perhaps also related to bugs 8150, 13564 & one previously handled by Mike Lischke on the QB query area clearing when more than 1 tab is opened.

SQL Query Area does not appear to consistently respond to right click events &/or entering queries into the window.

To Replicate:
Enter a query into the query area. (any method - typing, cut&paste, open query)
Go to another desktop application & copy a SQL query using CTRL-C. (e.g. Code-Genie or notepad)
Return to QB and right-click (& select 'Clear') to clear the previous query.
>> Results:
In some cases query area does not respond to click event - no change to query area window.
Second(+?) right-click selection of Clear may produce a single cleared line (versus the whole area) followed by the prior query.
Going back to the other desktop app, then returning to QB appears to result in refresh of the QB query area as the area clears. (Take no action other than to go to the other app - no right-clicking, no cut/paste, etc. -- then return to QB and the whole area is cleared.)

OS: Win XP/SP2
QB: 1.1.15
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