Bug #12483 ODBC driver failed
Submitted: 10 Aug 2005 6:50 Modified: 2 Dec 2005 14:36
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Category:MaxDB Severity:S1 (Critical)
Version:1.0 OS:Microsoft Windows (Windows XP Professional)
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[10 Aug 2005 6:50] varsha s

I am connecting to MaxDB which is seated on remote machine using microsoft .net application. This application is .Net windows service created in C#.net which connects to MaxDB database for every 2 mins and checks for new records.
But after running the service for 2 -3 days it's showing error:
"ERROR [08001] [MySQL MaxDB][SQLOD32 DLL][MaxDB] Unable to connect to data source;-709 CONNECT: (could not connect to socket [10060])"
The ODBC driver is getting failed and I have to reinstall the ODBC driver always and sometimes the whole database. i am not able to connect to database from remote machine but it's working fine for local connection.
The ODBC set up for maxdb is having version:
and Maxdb version is 7.5
sql studio.: maxdb-sqlstudio-setup-7_5_00_18
It would be appreciated if somebody will help in this serious issue I am facing .

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[2 Oct 2005 8:46] Valeriy Kravchuk
Thank you for a problem report. Sorry for not being able to hande it properly for such a long time.

When your remote ODBC connection fails, can you, please, try to connect from other machine and inform about the results. 

Do you have SP2 installed on any of your XP machines used in this setup?

Please, try also to use newer ODBC deriver available for download at http://dev.mysql.com/downloads/maxdb/7.6.00.html#ODBC_Driver
[3 Oct 2005 4:53] varsha s
Thanks for your response though it is after long time.
When that problem arised i tried to connect to that system from other system too but I was not able to connect to it. SP2 is installed on that system. Will the newer version installation will be able to solve this problem? Are there any modifications did in newer version related to this issue? If so I can suggest client to use newer version.
[2 Nov 2005 14:36] Ulf Wendel

do you keep the connection open over two, three days before you experience the connection break down or do you connect every two minutes?

[22 Nov 2005 9:01] [ name withheld ]
We have same problem on WinServer 2003.
It doesn't work when we run it locally, with connection string
driver=sap db;servernode=;serverdb=DB_NAME;uid=USER_NAME;pwd=USER_PASS
All ODBC drivers are (as far as I know; I have no access to machine personally)
[22 Nov 2005 9:10] [ name withheld ]
...and, unlike original poster, it occurs immediately on 1st OdbcConnection.Open call (c#). at the same time, we are able to connect with sql studio.
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