Bug #11696 Please add CREATE MODULE syntax, or Oracle PACKAGE equivalent
Submitted: 1 Jul 2005 23:55 Modified: 23 Aug 2009 10:15
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Category:MySQL Server: DDL Severity:S4 (Feature request)
Version:5.0.7 OS:Any (NA)
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[1 Jul 2005 23:55] Roland Bouman
The ISO standard specifies creation of server modules as part of the stored procedure language (iso 9075:1999, 4/psm, 9.18). This would be a great feature if it were implemented somewhere in the future, allowing business logic to be packaged in coherent, maintainable, separately deployable units.

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Support server side modules as part of the stored procedure language, or a similar construct.
[24 Mar 2006 21:18] Roland Bouman
Changed the title, maybe it's more apealing now.
[26 Mar 2006 2:35] Ronald Bradford
I would also like to see the functionality similar to Oracle Package space to group stored procedures and functions into logical groupings .  

Providing the SQL Standard has a MODULES syntax, as stated implementation would provide ANSI SQL compliance
[21 May 2006 5:45] [ name withheld ]
It would be a good thing for professional users.
[14 Jan 2007 4:07] Altruist Again
I would like to see a package equivalent in MySql to group related functions and SPs in a logical group.
[14 Feb 2007 12:42] Sveta Smirnova
Bug #3503 was marked as duplicate of this one
[15 Feb 2007 11:07] Sveta Smirnova
Thank you for the reasonable feature request.
[7 Jun 2008 16:59] ignasi ignasi
i need oracle package equivalent, i think that is a good feature for the progress of mysql.
[14 Aug 2008 12:49] Kyle Terry
I would love to see this feature in MySQL as well.
[2 Apr 2009 12:25] Michael Nilson
I work at a company using oracle exclusively on multiple databases and distribute them to other parties. One of the biggest reasons for using Oracle is the fact of Packages stored on the database, atleast for us.

We would much rather use MySQL if an Oracle Package equivalent was present.
[9 Jun 2009 11:20] jacky tang
Yes, this will be a great feature to structure the functions and SP's.
[23 Aug 2009 10:15] Valeriy Kravchuk
Bug #46739 was marked as a (yet another) duplicate of this one.
[25 Jan 2010 2:44] Brent H
This would be very useful. Please consider adding this.
[9 Apr 2010 11:54] Uma Bhat
Absolutely! Please let us know when (tentatively in which future versions) the Package concept would be available in MySQL? this would be of real great help.
[13 Sep 2010 1:34] Scott Walkinshaw
Yes - I would definitely like to be able to group functions and procedures in a package.
[23 Sep 2010 5:18] Sharath Bhaskara
It would be really great to have a package construct in MySql, as most of the people are finding it as a lag in a beautiful DB like this.
[17 Apr 2011 11:40] Lukas Eder
Not much activity on this ticket anymore...? But in large database schemata, there may be hundreds of procedures/functions, which should clearly be grouped into packages. Not just will that help organise the logic, but sometimes it is much easier to just GRANT EXECUTION rights to a package, rather than to several procedures.

Also, with Oracle's separation of package specs and body, it is easy to make "private" utility procedures that are not exposed to the whole database.

I would love to implement MySQL package (or module) support in www.jooq.org
[7 Jun 2011 22:24] Jeffrey Pry
Please implement this feature... This is a MAJOR drawback to MySQL
[4 Jun 2012 6:57] sampath sitinamaluwa
The request is SEVEN years old, and the activity in this bug has been negligible. All I can conclude is this thing is never going to get implemented. In that case, I would like to comment that not having a MODULE concept in a procedural language is an embarrassment. The people who make decisions on what to implement should be ashamed of not even considering this.
[5 Jun 2012 17:16] Ovidiu Todoran
Such a bummer! Looks like I won't be able to do use mysql for my project.
[16 Apr 2013 16:50] Mitt Thakkar
Show Stopper! Looks like I won't be able to convert my huge application from  Oracle to Mysql for my project.
[14 Oct 2016 22:39] ReĢgis Oliveira
It would be a GREAT improvement. Please consider this.
[23 Jul 2019 4:01] ALEXANDER RANCOURT
This bug should be closed out.   Package/module construct won't be added to mySQL so long as Oracle is calling the shots.   That would be like shooting themselves in the foot. :)
[15 Jul 2020 10:22] Philipp Gruber
I don't fully agree, ALEXANDER RANCOURT. Having packages would make organizing lots of functions and procedures very conveniant. There is still a lot in Oracle SQL that's not available in MySQL, so this is not like shooting themselves :P
[14 Sep 2020 8:45] Eduardo Gonzalez de Ribot
I think it is necessary. Oracle and mariadb accept PACKAGES just like other environments. This is necessary if we want to be able to belong to multi-environment systems, environment migrations and others...