Bug #11636 horizontal scrolling x fit to window
Submitted: 29 Jun 2005 11:19 Modified: 19 Sep 2008 11:30
Reporter: irfan uygur Email Updates:
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Category:MySQL Query Browser Severity:S4 (Feature request)
Version:1.1.10 OS:Windows (Win XP)
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[29 Jun 2005 11:19] irfan uygur

Sorry I had already posted this in forum but later I remembered that this was the right place to post it :)

MySQL Query Browser is really a nice application but the biggest problem for me is viewing the result sets. Most of my queries retrieve >10 fields and although I have a big resolution [1400x1050]
at last half of the result set is hidden and I have to scroll sideways to see all the fields.

It would be really nice to add a "fit to resultset view" functionality into the program so that you can see all the fields without scrolling left/right

Irfan Uygur

How to repeat:
if you write a qry retrieving >9-10 fields
[30 Jun 2005 10:08] irfan uygur
it will also be very nice to sort query result by double clicking the column titles rather then editing the query manually.

if users click on column titles results can be sorted based on user click, and query can be updated. Or for ex :
- ctrl + click on column titles : updates the query also
- only click on column titles : only updates the query result but does not update query

Am I asking too much ? :) I guess this is easy to implement in terms of programming but it would be a great enhancement from usability point of view

Irfan Uygur
[11 Aug 2005 6:31] irfan uygur
OK this might be a feature request but this horizontal scrolling problem
really prevents using this program. Even though I am using a very high resolution 1400x1050 even a query result with 10 fields result in horizontall scrolling in order to view all fields.

I would really be glad if this problem can be solved and I presume many people would also like this problem to be fixed
[19 Sep 2008 11:30] Susanne Ebrecht
This is a duplicate of bug #11461