Bug #1114 Really missing the 'logical' or 'boolean' field type...
Submitted: 21 Aug 2003 8:47 Modified: 27 Aug 2003 6:01
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Category:MySQL Server: MyISAM storage engine Severity:S4 (Feature request)
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[21 Aug 2003 8:47] Azza Azza69
I have looked through all the proposed changes (for v4.1, 5.0, 5.1, Near, Mid and Never) and as it isn't mentioned anywhere I thought I could bring it to your attention (and possibly into a future release).

Importing existing tables (flashfiler/DBISAM/DBF's) to a MySQL table would be made an awful lot easier if their was a logical or boolean field type as most conversion utilities have a conversion type to map to.

Field structures would be more understandable as seeing a field as type Boolean is of much more benefit than TinyInt.

Please consider this.

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[22 Aug 2003 8:45] Azza Azza69
And a Money/Currency field type (4 decimal places and no rounding problems) would be excellent too!
[27 Aug 2003 6:01] Peter Zaitsev
Dear Darren,

Actually we have this feature in ToDo for MySQL MySQL 4.1

MySQL 4.0 already has BIT, BOOL types (and BOOLEAN alias was added in MySQL 4.1.0) 
but they are all mapped to TINYINT.   In one of the next MySQL 4.1.x releases the native BIT fields will be added to MyISAM and BOOLEAN will start to take only one bit of space (assuming there is large enough number of BOOLEAN columns in the table)

Speaking about MONEY-like type with accurate computation, it is also in ToDo for MySQL 5.x
[1 Sep 2003 1:19] Azza Azza69
Excellent...Good to hear.
[2 Sep 2003 1:25] Azza Azza69
I have used the Control Center app to create a Bool field and it does get changed automatically to a TinyInt...so are you saying that a Bool field type would STAY as a Bool field type then?
[3 Sep 2003 13:50] Peter Zaitsev
Yes right. Adter the change it will not be converted to tinyint anymore