Bug #110538 Inhencement requests for upgrade checker
Submitted: 29 Mar 2023 6:17 Modified: 29 Mar 2023 6:57
Reporter: Gyeongnam Kim Email Updates:
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Category:Shell Upgrade Checker Severity:S4 (Feature request)
Version:8.0 OS:Any (-)
Assigned to: CPU Architecture:Any (-)
Tags: checkForServerUpgrade, mysqlsh, upgradechecker

[29 Mar 2023 6:17] Gyeongnam Kim
When running SQL upgrade checker, I can check a lot of useful things to check the issue. However, I can't check which number of issue is Error, Warning, or Notice level. If there is annotation which part is ERROR, WARNING OR NOTICE, it would be helpful for MySQL Users to understand which part is needed to check and change.

Below is my suggestion for this (part1~3)
1) Usage of old temporal type : ERROR 
  No issues found

2) Usage of db objects with names conflicting with new reserved keywords : WARNING
  The following objects did not pass a syntax check with the latest MySQL 8.0
    grammar. A common reason is that they reference names that conflict with new
    reserved keywords. You must update these routine definitions and `quote` any
    such references before upgrading.
  More information:

  test.test_proc - at line 1,21: unexpected token 'CUBE'

3) Usage of utf8mb3 charset : NOTICE
  Warning: The following objects have names that conflict with new reserved
    keywords. Ensure queries sent by your applications use `quotes` when
    referring to them or they will result in errors.
  More information:

  test.test_re_w.CUBE - Column name

In the summary part, I can check how many errors, warnings, and notices, but I can't check what part prevent the upgrade, and which part is more critical.

Errors:   1
Warnings: 2
Notices:  6

ERROR: 1 errors were found. Please correct these issues before upgrading to avoid compatibility issues.


I would appreciate if you check this and improve the upgrade checker. 
Thank you.

How to repeat:
It's not a bug, but improving this feature would be helpful.
[29 Mar 2023 6:57] MySQL Verification Team
Hello Kim,

Thank you for the enhancement request.