Bug #110441 Docker Hub mysql/mysql-server debian tag now missing
Submitted: 20 Mar 19:43 Modified: 22 Mar 12:13
Reporter: Brandon Butler Email Updates:
Status: Won't fix Impact on me:
Category:MySQL Server: Docker Image Severity:S2 (Serious)
Version:mysql/mysql-server:8.0.32-debian OS:Debian
Assigned to: CPU Architecture:Any
Tags: 8.0.32-debian

[20 Mar 19:43] Brandon Butler
My team are consumers of the mysql/mysql-server image on Docker Hub, and use it more specifically with the Oracle-owned Mysql Operator for Kubernetes (see: https://github.com/mysql/mysql-operator) We have InnoDB Mysql clusters running in Kubernetes on the `mysql/mysql-server:8.0.32-debian` tag, which as of today we are receiving alerts that it is unavailable.

If this image was removed from Docker Hub on purpose, it appears it was meant to be a breaking change to existing infrastructure world-wide. Perhaps this is related to Docker Hub's recent change in terms for open source teams?

Putting this as an S2 until more information is received/documented to confirm that there is a workaround, but a change in the underlying base OS could be perceived as a dangerous production change to our databases. Has a migration from the debian-based tags to Oracle Linux ones been tested on InnoDB mysql clusters?

How to repeat:
Try to pull the mysql/mysql-server:8.0.32-debian image from Docker Hub.

Suggested fix:
I'm missing the context for why they were removed in the first place, but my suggestion would be to put the debian suffix tagged images back on Docker Hub.
[21 Mar 14:32] MySQL Verification Team

Images under: https://hub.docker.com/r/mysql/mysql-server are maintained by us.

Images under: https://hub.docker.com/_/mysql are maintained by docker community and are not maintained by us. 

If you want to run guaranteed official Oracle supported images, this is the place to go:

[21 Mar 16:38] Brandon Butler

Per my version in the metadata for this bug report, I am in fact using an image that is owned/maintained by Oracle. See: mysql/mysql-server:8.0.32-debian

As mentioned prior... we have been consumers of this image for the past several months... And it only just went missing in the past few days. With that said, I'll await your reply.
[21 Mar 16:59] MySQL Verification Team

> Per my version in the metadata for this bug report, I am in fact using an image that is owned/maintained by Oracle. See: mysql/mysql-server:8.0.32-debian

mysql/mysql-server:8.0.32-debian is not owned nor maintained by Oracle and from what Docker team informs me, we never did.

mysql/mysql-server:8.0.32-debian is listed here: https://hub.docker.com/_/mysql
and these are NOT images maintained by Oracle. (the "Docker official image" is not maintained by Oracle but by Docker)

If you want to be sure you are using Oracle provided images I'd suggest you switch to Oracle repo


docker pull container-registry.oracle.com/mysql/community-server:8.0.32

These are the only images and infrastructure we can stand behind. Everything else is not 100% run by us.

As for the metadata, we cannot influence what will Docker team put in metadata of the images they maintain under "Docker official image".
[22 Mar 12:13] Johannes Schl├╝ter
Posted by developer:
We don't provide Debian based images.