Bug #107148 Add A Function To Auto Clear "Action Output" Before Each Execution
Submitted: 28 Apr 9:44 Modified: 28 Apr 10:26
Reporter: Stephen Zhang Email Updates:
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Category:MySQL Workbench: SQL Editor Severity:S4 (Feature request)
Version:8.0 OS:Any
Assigned to: CPU Architecture:Any

[28 Apr 9:44] Stephen Zhang
Basically, I'm writing scripts and constantly executing the script to check if there is any syntax error. However, I saw errors even after I fixed the syntax and stayed confused for quite a while, until I noticed that the "Action Output" is not clearing itself like most IDEs do (Visual Studio, JetBrains IDEs, etc), instead, it keeps all the error logs (from previous executions) which I accidentally considered as errors generated by current execution.

How to repeat:
1. Have an error in your script.
2. Run it.
3. See the error complaint in "Action Output".
4. Remove the error.
5. Run it again.
6. The previous error is still displayed in "Action Output", plus the new green tick indicating no error.
7. Since there is no obvious distinguish between previous run and current run, it is easy to misguide users that the code is still having errors. 

Suggested fix:
Either put a splitter in "Action Output" between each execution so that it is clear which execution have which logs (errors, success, etc),
or to have an option if the user wants the "Action Output" to auto clear before each execution, namely, it should clear at the start of each execution (after the user clicked "Execute" button).

Or implementing both features would be fantastic.
[28 Apr 10:26] MySQL Verification Team
Hello Stephen Zhang,

Thank you for  the reasonable feature request.