Bug #105912 The client access database url is incomplete when using JDBC loadbalance mode
Submitted: 16 Dec 2021 3:33 Modified: 28 Jan 2022 9:07
Reporter: zhihui Zhao Email Updates:
Status: Can't repeat Impact on me:
Category:Connector / J Severity:S3 (Non-critical)
Version:5.1.49 OS:Linux
Assigned to: CPU Architecture:Any

[16 Dec 2021 3:33] zhihui Zhao
When using a single data source with JDBC connection, such as “jdbc:mysql://$ip:$port/db?useUnicode=true&characterEncoding=utf-8”, the client can get complete url information. But if we use JDBC loadbalance mode to connect multiple data sources, such as "jdbc:mysql://$ip1:$port1,$ip2:$port2/db?useUnicode=true&characterEncoding=utf-8", the clinet can only get url like "dbc:mysql://$ip1:$port1/" or "dbc:mysql://$ip2:$port2/".

How to repeat:
//Testing code
class DBUtil {
        static String userName="test";
        static String password = "test";
        // database
        static String url = "jdbc:mysql://$ip:$port/test?useUnicode=true&characterEncoding=utf-8&rewriteBatchedStatements=true&useSSL=false";
        //static String url = "jdbc:mysql:loadbalance://$ip1:$port,$ip2:$port2/test?useUnicode=true&characterEncoding=utf-8&rewriteBatchedStatements=true&useSSL=false";

        public static Connection getConnection() {
                Driver driver = null;
                try {
                        Class<?> clazz = Class.forName("com.mysql.jdbc.Driver");
                        try {
                                driver = (Driver) clazz.newInstance();
                            } catch (Exception e) {
                    } catch (ClassNotFoundException e) {

                Properties props = new Properties();
                props.setProperty("user", userName);
                props.setProperty("password", password);
                try {
                        return driver.connect(url, props);
                } catch (SQLException e) {
                        return null;

public class demo {
        public static void main(String[] args) {
                Connection conn = DBUtil.getConnection();
                try {
                        String dbUrl = conn.getMetaData().getURL();
                } catch (SQLException e) {
[16 Dec 2021 6:43] MySQL Verification Team
Hello zhihui Zhao,

Thank you for the report and test case.
Observed that 5.1.49 is affected.

Workaround is to use C/J 8.0.27 which don't have this issue.

[16 Dec 2021 6:55] MySQL Verification Team
Per https://dev.mysql.com/doc/relnotes/connector-j/5.1/en/

Support EOL for MySQL Connector/J 5.1

Per Oracle's Lifetime Support policy, as of Feb 9th, 2021, MySQL Connector/J 5.1 series is covered under Oracle Sustaining Support. Users are encouraged to upgrade to MySQL Connector/J 8.0 series.

I'm afraid since 5.1 is EOL you may have to upgrade to C/J 8.0 in order to avoid this issue and this report may well be closed as won't fix.
[28 Jan 2022 9:07] Alexander Soklakov
Posted by developer:
This bug is not reproducible with the latest Connector/J 8.0.

Connector/J 5.1 series came to EOL on Feb 9th, 2021, see https://www.mysql.com/support/eol-notice.html, so this bug will not be fixed there.