Bug #1057 Add database links feature
Submitted: 15 Aug 2003 18:03 Modified: 22 Jun 2015 12:44
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Category:MySQL Server: Options Severity:S4 (Feature request)
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[15 Aug 2003 18:03] Simon Windsor
For release 5.0

Could you consider adding a dblinks option within the MySQL table to allow
other MySQL servers to be accessed within queries.

For example

create database link <dbaselink1> for <host>.<db> connect as <user>
identified by <pwd>;

select db1.col1 from dbaselink1.table db1;

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[18 Aug 2003 9:46] Indrek Siitan
Re-classified this as a feature request.
[21 Aug 2003 10:19] Peter Zaitsev
Dear Simon,

We have this feature in our ToDo list, however it is not yet scheduled for implementation. 

It is not that simple to implement as it might look from the glance look.
[13 Dec 2003 11:50] Biju GC
What about a simple one, like the one in MS-Access which can connect to any ODBC.
I have even used this feature of MS-Access to do a sub queries against MySQL database.
[30 Dec 2008 23:32] Pankaj Jain
Is this feature will be available in future releases of MySQL. DB link in oracle is cool feature and much needed for MySQL dbs :).
[6 Nov 2009 14:18] Martin Hynek
Can i ask when will be this future implented?
[27 Oct 2011 6:51] Darin Georgiev

Is it ready or is it planned?
[24 Mar 2015 5:34] Ananda Raju
Hi, Any updates on DBLinks in MY Sql.

Any alternate solution for DBLinks.

[11 Oct 2016 7:57] Johnny Burt
Indeed, Peter, it is very simple to implement it. Look at the example I created as a developer of writing service website. This is how to create db link. 
 For http://essaydune.com/ :
INSERT INTO employees
   (employeeid, firstname, lastname, emailaddress, hiredate)
   VALUES (9345, 'Monica', 'Sawyer' 'monasayer@gmail.com', 11.09.DATE);
here how to count salary
UPDATE jobs SET min_salary = 3000

DELETE FROM employees 
   WHERE employeeid = 9345;

see? not that difficult.
[10 Apr 2020 2:04] mark lopez
We have had similar types of issues on our site www.formesolar.com/company. We were able to add a database link that tied together our mysql with our wordpress instance.
[10 Apr 2020 2:05] mark lopez
[16 May 2020 7:45] Susan Lynch
<a href="https://www.google.com/">google</a>