Bug #105536 Visual Studio 2022 integration
Submitted: 11 Nov 2021 17:58 Modified: 22 Sep 2022 11:07
Reporter: Christian Benner Email Updates:
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Category:MySQL Visual Studio Integration Severity:S1 (Critical)
Version:1.2.10 OS:Windows (11)
Assigned to: CPU Architecture:x86

[11 Nov 2021 17:58] Christian Benner
Missing Visual Studio 2022 integration

How to repeat:
Try to install MySQL for Viusal Studio 

Suggested fix:
Would be nice to have such things when Visual Studio is GA

I do not understand why you and your team are not on time with that. Since over a year the first VS 2022 Betas where out. (*knocking head on the wall*)

Thats the reason why two of our customers changed from MySQL (Enterprise - so they where paying customers) to M$ SQL Server. There're devs they fix problems in a really short time!

I'm really unhappy with you guys and I'm thinking about stopping to develop further with MySQL compatibility in our products!
[12 Nov 2021 16:20] MySQL Verification Team
Thank you for the bug report.
[25 Nov 2021 13:24] Peter Roche
Is There a Release date for this
[1 Dec 2021 12:24] Christian Benner
Release date?
[5 Dec 2021 19:10] Albert Masaki
Please Release date?
Am stack with multiple project net to be upgraded to .net6.0 but i cannot run MySQL in my visual studio 2022.
[6 Dec 2021 1:07] Hsinfu Tseng
Waiting for Release Date.
[9 Dec 2021 7:00] Christian Benner
waiting for an answer here?
its like waiting for flying pigs
[10 Dec 2021 21:35] Sha Don
Did someone ask for release date?
When is Visual Studio 2022 integration going to be released?
[13 Dec 2021 14:46] Herbert Nijkamp
What is the problem answering the simple question about the release date. VS 2022 is not new anymore ever since the preview of 2022 was released it was possible to start working on the availability for VS 2022.

Please ley us know when we can use the Visual Studio 20022 integration.
[14 Dec 2021 8:56] Tony Alvertis
When is Visual Studio 2022 integration going to be released?
[21 Dec 2021 9:01] Johan Badenhorst
Any indication when Visual Studio 2022 integration will be available?
[22 Dec 2021 10:20] Daniel Zub
It affects me as well. Also waiting for any updates, at least release date..
[22 Dec 2021 17:43] sada aside
Waiting for Release Date for VS 2022
[28 Dec 2021 8:17] Marco Santo
Any news?
[11 Jan 2022 8:08] Wolfgang Schorge
temporarily i use EF Core Power Tools,
in this tool you can use a custom mysql connection string
and use the mysql db in vs2022 with newest mysql-version
[11 Jan 2022 10:58] Christian Benner
@Wolfgang Schorge


How do you do that?

I've been using EF Power Core Tools since a while but with VS 2022 Enterprise there is no way to add MySQL Dataprovider to the tool. Try it your self with reverse engeneering a MySQL DB. The underlying dataprovider can't be registered 'cause it exists only as a 32 bit DPPB. 

I don't talk about using MySQL - that are basics each developer knows and using a connection string (please in a secure way) on NET5.x apps is very easy. But that's far away from the question and the problem here.
[14 Mar 2022 11:25] Filippo Berardo
I'm waiting for VS 2022 integration.
I miss MySql for Visual Studio.
Please do it.
[20 Mar 2022 7:07] Joao Mandlate
Hi, when will you release Mysql for Visual Studio 2022?
[26 Mar 2022 11:16] MySQL Verification Team
Bug #106842 marked as duplicate of this one
[18 Apr 2022 14:21] Andy Mornes

Any ideas on how this is progressing? It would be nice to be able to fully migrate to VS 2022 by having the MySQL support.

[20 Apr 2022 5:55] Yihua Liu
Hello, Visual Studio 2022 has been officially released for months. Is there any progress in integration?
[23 May 2022 15:38] Andy Mornes
Is there perhaps any possibility of receiving an unreleased version to test? I see there is a repository https://github.com/mysql/mysql-for-vs that seems to have the source code. Would it be appropriate to create an issue there for increased visibility?

[25 Jun 2022 18:13] Tomasz Sroczyński
Is there any progress in integration with Visual Studio 2022 ?
[30 Jun 2022 12:08] uma m
Any updates on this issue please?
[30 Jun 2022 12:09] uma m
Any updates on this issue please?
[14 Jul 2022 10:54] Kim Inzy
Comeon guys, a reply will really help here.
[22 Jul 2022 21:25] Thomas Kutzner
[27 Jul 2022 8:22] Marco Paganelli
Please we are waiting for MySql for Visual Studio 2022 !!!
[31 Jul 2022 20:02] Kevin Hollingshead
Adding my vote for this in case you have a critical mass threshold. Also, if you've identified any alternatives it would be awesome if you would add that here.
[10 Aug 2022 10:17] Evgeny Ma
When will MySql integration with Visual Studio 2022 be available?
Really needed!
[12 Aug 2022 6:33] Kim Inzy
MySQL team, we understand that this is not completed. Can you atleast shed some light on what action is happenning on this? Any probable date by when it is planned to be made available? We need to take some decisions on whether to continue with MySql or consider alternatives. Silence does not help here.
[27 Aug 2022 16:13] Pablo Mazza
It is unbelievable at this point that nobody provides an ETA on this.

Thinking on moving to MSSQL.
[11 Sep 2022 6:30] Marco Paganelli
Something news ? We are waiting !!!
[12 Sep 2022 8:34] Łukasz Chryk
I can't switch to VS 2022 because of this missing integration. It seems that Oracle doesn't care at all...
[12 Sep 2022 13:13] Stevan Dejanovic
At least to someone come forward and say, will not do upgrades in the future.
[15 Sep 2022 4:03] Kim Levesque
Release date please!
[15 Sep 2022 16:32] Andy Mornes
I'd like to express my continuing interest in having this issue resolved.
[16 Sep 2022 8:36] Jeremy WANG
Please integration, Thanks!
[18 Sep 2022 13:09] MySQL Verification Team
Bug #108529 marked as duplicate of this one
[18 Sep 2022 14:06] Christian Benner
They can't do this 'cause they don't know how to ;-)
It's nearly a year since first report.
[22 Sep 2022 9:59] Filippo Berardo
As usual, before we can use MYSQL with VS latest verison, we have to wait months, maybe years. Think about changing DB. This is not for professional use.
[22 Sep 2022 11:07] Christian Benner
@Filippo Berardo

thats right. I wrote to Oracle but only a sales representative answered my mail.
I wrote back with link to this bug number and gave him a hint to take a look.
Also asked him why Oracle doesn't answer messages here but - whos wondering - no more feedback :-)

MySQL is dead either for private use but espescially for professional use.
[15 Oct 2022 12:06] Kim Inzy
Oracle team,

Please specify which language do you understand to comment/update about the progress being made on resolving this or whatever the current status is? Looks like english is not understandable.

We too are software developers working in IT companies. We understand that the process of providing updates to your users is not rocket science, and does not require anything beyond common sense.
[17 Oct 2022 6:39] Evgeny Ma
It's been over a year.. Thanks MYSQL you were good... But then I'll have to move on with another product...
[30 Nov 2022 16:16] Tomasz Sroczyński
Dear Oracle team. We greatly appreciate your hard work. Can you tell us when you plan to release MySQL for Visual Studio 2022?
[2 Dec 2022 2:37] Jeremy WANG
We should migration projects to .net6, and it will be easier to integrate mysql.
[3 Dec 2022 10:13] Tomasz Sroczyński
I have already migrated to net 6.0.11 and postgresql database. Works great. I use Microsoft Entity Framework Core and Npgsql provider only. But nuget extensions have many postgre addons to use. I recommend.
[21 Jan 15:25] Ronan Farrell
Have you made any progress you could update us with?
[25 Jan 12:59] Filippo Berardo
(not) dear Oracle

could you, at least, tell us if there will be a moment in time in wich VS2022 will be integrated? Or do we have to wait and hope for the best?
This behavior from you is horrible and if i will be forced to change DB, be sure i will never go back to any of your products!